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How Women Powered Nigeria’s #ENDSARS Movement.

The movement to hold the Nigerian police force's Special Anti-Robbery Squad accountable for its crimes has been driven by female activists.

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Mixpanel - Innovators: AMA with PiggyVest, Nigeria’s hottest startup

In this edition, popular Nigerian fintech startup PiggyVest’s Co-Founder & COO, Odunayo Eweniyi, and VP of Product Strategy, Layo Ogunbanwo join us for an exclusive AMA (Ask Me Anything).


One Knight in Product - Product Management in Africa & Dreams of an African Silicon Valley (with Layo Ogunbanwo, Founder @ Practical Product)

An interview with Layo Ogunbanwo. Layo is the VP of Product Strategy for Piggyvest, a Nigerian fintech and also the founder of the Practical Product community, where she's aiming to demystify product management principles and adapt them to Africa's unique environment. Layo launched Practical Product with a groundbreaking report "The State of Product Management in Africa".


2021 State of Product Management in Africa Report. 

The report is a collection of data that sets a benchmark and brings to life the trends driving product management in Africa.  More than 200 product management professionals shared their insights and experiences with us.

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